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Magic: The Gathering - Power Cards

To buy, or for questions, email: (Do not use our old email address.)

I have the following for sale. I have nearly every card from Alliances back,
so if you don't see it, email me your wish list. If it's not on this list, it's probably
inexpensive, since I listed all the "hot" cards.

All cards from the basic set are from Unlimited unless otherwise noted.
11City in a Bottle (CH)  $9
~70Dual lands (revised)  $9
5Ali from Cairo  $51
4All Hallow's Eve  SOLD OUT
1Ancestral Recall  ex+S0LD OUT
1Ancestral Recall  exSOLD OUT
4Argivian Archaeologist  $23
4Bazaar of Baghdad  S0LD OUT
2Berserk  SOLD OUT
1Black Lotus  ex-SOLD OUT
1Black Lotus  ex+SOLD OUT
1Black Lotus  nmSOLD OUT
1Blaze of Glory  $18
4Candelabra of Tawnos  SOLD OUT
1Chaos Orb  SOLD OUT
2City in a Bottle  $10
1Cyclopean Tomb  nm$30
1Cyclopean Tomb  nm+$33
4Diamond Valley  $47
1Drop of Honey  $28
1Elephant Graveyard  $24
6Eureka  $23
1Forcefield  nm$42
1Forcefield  ex+$32
1Forcefield  nm-$39
6Fork (revised)  $10
1Gauntlet of Might  ex+$42
3Gauntlet of Might  SOLD OUT
3Guardian Beast  $48
3Ice Storm  $14
5Ifh-Biff Efreet  $19
1Illusionary Mask  SOLD OUT
1Illusionary Mask (beta)  SOLD OUT
1Island of Wak-Wak  $27
4Jade Statue  $12
2Jihad  $29
1Juzam Djinn  nm$159
2Juzam Djinn  nm-SOLD OUT
2Juzam Djinn  exSOLD OUT
4Khabal Ghoul  $26
1King Suleiman  $14
4Land Equilibrium  $15
2Library of Alexandria  SOLD OUT
1Library of Alexandria  ex+S0LD OUT
4Living Plane  $13
4Mana Crypt  $16
4Mana Drain  S0LD OUT
3Master of the Hunt  $11
1Mirror Universe  $55
2Mishra's Workshop  SOLD OUT
2Moat  $54
1Mox Emerald  nm-S0LD OUT
2Mox Jet  SOLD OUT
1Mox Pearl  nmS0LD OUT
2Mox Ruby  SOLD OUT
1Mox Sapphire  ex+S0LD OUT
1Natural Selection  $16
2Nether Void  $30
1Old Man of the Sea  $21
1Alpha Orcish Artillery - (1R)  $9
4Alpha Orcish Oriflamme - (1R)  $19
1Pointless Entry  Pointless
1Psionic Blast  $20
4Psionic Blast (beta)  SOLD OUT
1Raging River (beta)  SOLD OUT
4Ring of Ma'ruf  $29
3Serendib Djinn  $22
4Shivan Dragon (revised)  $10
1Sinkhole  $10
2Sword of the Ages  SOLD OUT
1Sword of the Ages (Italian)  $9
1Tawnos's Coffin  $14
4The Abyss  SOLD OUT
3The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale  $17
1Time Vault  $47
1Time Valut (beta)  $55
1Time Walk  SOLD OUT
1Time Walk (beta)  SOLD OUT
2Timetwister  SOLD OUT
1Timetwister (beta)  S0LD OUT
1Two-Headed Giant of Foriys  $26
4Underworld Dreams  SOLD OUT
4Vesuvan Doppelganger (revised)  $13
2Word of Command  $37
17Sealed box of Alliances  $155
5Sealed box of Revised  SOLD OUT

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To buy, or for questions, email: (Do not use our old email address.) Links  |